Discovering CMZ: Beating records


By the time you read these figures they might already be out of date, and that's because we are always doing everything we can to beat our own records. We are engaging all the technical, productive and human resources at our disposal to improve our own brand. In 2021 our daily average number of machines delivered was 2.5. We'll share the figure from 2022 next year, but for the moment the number 2.5 means a lot to us.

It's all about 2.5

The Guinness Book of Records is known for collecting some of the most strange and varied feats. According to the current edition, the heaviest avocado in the world weighs 2.5 kilos. The recommended amount of water for an adult man to consume in a day is 2.5 litres.

Let's be honest, avocados are not our strong point and we don't always comply with the daily water recommendation suggested by the World Health Organisation. On the other hand, in 2020 an average of 2.5 lathes per day left our premises, to be delivered to our customers. They were located across the length and breadth of Europe, as well as in certain parts of Turkey and the United States.

The stops are out

Here at CMZ, we are going for it. That's why we've pulled out all the stops. With an unprecedented rollout of resources, materialised through the opening of our new Cafisur plant, as well as Neoprec, and the sustained and continuous growth of our workforce, we are putting all of our heavy artillery into play to beat our own record and increase the average number of machines delivered per day to our valued customers.

Let's go for it! Come along with us 😉