Discovering CMZ: Neoprec


This is the second installment of Discovering CMZ, and it couldn't have a better star than Neoprec. Our new machining plant has led to an amazing leap in leap in efficiency contributing to our ever increasing manufacturing capability. It has without a doubt been our most spectacular debut in recent times, and a decisive step in achieving our business goals. Welcome to Neoprec!

Neoprec is our brand new machining plant, it is there that we produce the parts to supply our assembly plants. CMZ also has Mecaninor and Precitor, our excisting machining plants, which also make parts for our machines. Between them they perform turning, milling, grinding, hobbing, broaching... All the machining we require.

Neoprec is at the forefront of technology thanks to the high quality equipment and machinery it contains in its 8,000m2 of useful surface area. It can even run continuously for over two consecutive days without the need for human intervention. Our IT team has worked and is working constantly to implement all types of improvements and new capabilities to allow this production centre to reach 100% capacity.

The temperature control system, with a variation of less than one degree in 24 hours over the whole surface area, and less than 0.1º in the metrology room, is also key to ensuring the plant continues to run properly. The most impressive area is the one dedicated to the automated warehouse. Set up to handle 1,752 pallets ahead of 8 horizontal machining centres lined up in two Flexible Manufacturing Systems.

As one of our managing directors, Iñaki Zumarraga, stated in an interview published recently by Zeiss, here at CMZ we always go for first rate suppliers when it comes to selecting the machinery used in our plants. "Our company is internally self-sufficient when it comes to most of the parts made according to drawing that are used on the lathes" Iñaki said in the interview. These types of strategic decisions help us to control the process better, offer better quality and be more competitive.

The big milestone of the last few months has been getting Neoprec up and running. The short-term goal is to get the plant running at full throttle. While that is happening, we invite you to look out for the next titbits shared in Discovering CMZ.