Discovering CMZ: One Big Family


The future belongs to them. Children are the energy and the joy of today and the hope of tomorrow. When we say that CMZ is growing at a dizzying rate, we mean it is doing so in every sense, including in when it comes to producing descendants. All of our employees together add up to 300 sons and daughters. Bearing in mind that the average age of our workforce is under 39, that's not a bad figure at all.

A Lifelong Project

Ours is a family business. In theory, a company with over 400 employees might seem colder and more impersonal than a small one with no more than 10 employees. That's how we started out, on the ground floor of a building in the Biscay town of Zaldibar. We grew bit by bit, until we made up a team that today exceeds 400 people. It is now very unusual to find workers who have been at a company longer than 10 years. But in this company, there are many employees who started here aged 16-20 and are still here! Thanks to their effort, attitude and steadfastness, we have carved out a future. They see work as a lifelong project, and that's what they try to instil and transmit to the younger generations who are starting their career with us.

From Generation to Generation

There are many families who make part of their living with this CNC lathe manufacture, and that's something that gives us a sense of pride and responsibility in equal measures. It isn't rare to see several generations of the same family working in our workshops or offices. It makes us especially glad to know that those families were able to transmit the passion and legacy of an occupation such as this one.

We hope that our workers continue to grow in their professional as well as personal lives. We hope that tomorrow those little ones will find their vocation here at CMZ. We will welcome them with open arms 😊