Discovering CMZ: The triangle


Life is full of symbols. A green flag indicates that it's safe to swim, a red circle with a white rectangle inside it bars us from doing something, and a green light means we can go. In our case, the triangle in CMZ's logo is a clear hallmark of the brand's identity. Today we are going to tell you what's behind it.

The triangle

The triangle is a shape that is widely used in various contexts. On road signs, when it has an exclamation mark inside it, it alerts us to danger. Historically, for different cultures, it has been a symbol loaded with meaning. In many religions, this geometric shape represents the Trinity. For the Ancient Greeks, it symbolised a doorway. There are cultures in which the triangle is synonymous with wisdom, balance and harmony.


It was the 1940s and CMZ was just starting out on its journey. The company needed to be given an identity, and it was one of the draughtsmen who came up with the idea of the well-known triangle. It evokes the jaws of the lathe chuck.

Lots of brands, when they have an image change, scrap everything and start from scratch. But for us, the triangle was something iconic, which not only had to stay with us, but gain even more importance. Today it is "our" triangle, and behind it there are more than 420 people who give their all every day to produce powerful, precise and reliable CNC lathes with a life cycle of over 20 years.

This is the story of how that draughtsman made the triangle our personal hallmark.