Discovering CMZ: We are flying


They say that freedom only consists of flying. We dream and fly high. We have been doing it since 1945, the year CMZ began its journey. The Halcón model is proof of that.

A bit of history

Today, CMZ is a family business with an international presence, which enjoys good financial health and recognised prestige backed up by the quality of its machines. However, there was a turning point that changed everything.

The 1980s were in full swing and the third generation had taken the reins of a company in a very fragile state. The product that was produced back then had become obsolete. While other similar companies in the industrial sector and the competition were blindly going after turnkey projects, the Zumarraga brothers decided on a standard mass-produced product: CNC lathes. This radical decision caused a change of direction in the company's journey, which began on its road to success.

Halcón 260

Halcón 260. That is the name of the first digital control lathe manufactured by CMZ. They were equipped with Olivetti controls and helped to reinforce the decision that this type of product was going to be the present and the future.

Halcón means falcon in Spanish - birds that fly with great speed and agility; we hope to follow in their wake.