Discovering CMZ: We are Olympians


We might have taken a plunge with the headline, and never has a truer word been spoken. We have stopped to think about it, and the surface area of all of our manufacturing plants exceeds the size of 32 Olympic swimming pools. All of our strategic plans are aimed at increasing our production capacity. After setting up new manufacturing and assembly plants, our production muscle keeps getting stronger.

Assembly Plants

Some of those "swimming pools" are occupied by our two assembly plants. The longest-serving of those two is located under our central headquarters in Zaldibar. 3 lathes per day leave the plant, and are delivered to different clients spread out mainly across Europe. SEUNER opened its doors in 2015. It is in this plant that we put together our large lathes of the TD Series, and it has without a doubt marked a watershed moment in our production process.


Our philosophy is based on "homemade". We like to control each stage of the manufacturing process. We believe that by doing this, the end result is better quality and we have greater control over the production, from start to finish. We clearly saw that putting this motto into practice meant operating with our own manufacturing plants. Precitor, Meydi, Mecaninor and now Neoprec and Cafisur too are the best proof of this. Between our machining plants, electrical cabinet assembly plants and our own industrial sheet metal company, in which we produce the covers for the lathes, we can say that we control the process with a product that is 90% our own.

To the Water, Ducks!

Any business project is about taking risks, going all in and giving it your best shot to keep achieving the goals that you've set yourself. Our "32 Olympic swimming pools" are the result of a lot of effort, sweat, tears and joy. We're going to give it our all because we believe in this. We're ready for it.