Gantry Robot GL 20II

The GL 20II robot has been designed by CMZ to automate short and long batches and increase the productivity of the CNC lathe.



The GL 20II robot has been designed by CMZ to automate short and long batches and increase the productivity of the CNC lathe. The gripper heads with capacity of 2x10 kg, suit to the needs of the user. In addition, Easy to use and to program. CMZ have developed a conversational programming system that makes it very easy to set and use the robots with your CNC lathe.

  • A wide range of workstockers with large capacity permits long periods of unmanned operation.
  • Workstocker WS-280x400x14 with 14 pallets. This workstocker can accommodate components to a maximum diameter of 280 mm and maximum stacked height of 500 mm (maximum travel of 400mm). The 14 rotary pallets each have a carrying capacity of 75 kg maximum.
  • Workstocker WS-700 for shafts: Workstocker to stock shafts from 80 mm to 700mm long and from 10 mm to 80mm diameter. (Contact CMZ for other sizes).
  • Z-axis speed (longitudinal): 180 m / min.
  • Y axis speed (transverse): 120 m / min.
  • X axis speed (vertical): 180 m / min.
  • CNC controlled axis. Rack and pinion drive and Automatic lubrication controlled by the CNC.

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