Introducing our new section: Discovering CMZ


The start of every year brings new hopes and goals. Apart from the obvious one of continuing to offer powerful and reliable machines with excellent customer service, in 2022 we want to carry on bringing our company closer to you We will do this through surprising facts and titbits that you are sure to find interesting. This is #discoveringcmz, and it is starting now. If you like, you've got front row seats. Come and see!

Discovering CMZ

With this aim in mind, #discoveringcmz is born. In this monthly section we will share short videos on fun and curious facts about CMZ. We would love you to follow us month by month so that together we can discover all of the details about this big family that started life on the ground floor of a residential building in Zaldibar.

Knowledge and experience

Every company has an asset that sets it apart from the rest. For some the product is king, for others the brand speaks for itself, while some put their whole value proposition into the service. For us, all of those are crucial and basic pillars. We feel proud of our product. We put care into producing the best components which are then meticulously assembled, paying attention to every detail. "Turning the world" is our slogan, and we have always said that we produce machines with a life cycle longer than 20 years, during which time we support our customers with an excellent after-sales service. Despite all of that, our treasure is our people. All of them make CMZ possible, and give the best of themselves every day. The market situation means we have to form highly qualified multidisciplinary teams. The company's departments are growing by leaps and bounds, both in terms of experience as well as specialisation.

Between all of our subsidiaries we have over 420 workers, which amounts to 16,449 years of experience and knowledge. The average age of an employee at CMZ is around 39 years old. This number is a reliable reflection of reality. It isn't unusual in our plants to find the experience of the longest-serving workers alongside the drive of the youngest employees, working side by side in perfect harmony and forming a unique team.

So yes. You have learnt about us. That is without a doubt our most precious asset: those 16,449 years of experiences, knowledge, life and dreams that we put into serving our customers.

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