Turn Key Automation

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Turn Key Automation


Machining processes sometimes require different machines to produce a part. Although CMZ offers automation solutions with the gantry series which are valid for many components not always they adapt to the process designed by the customer. The geometry of the part or the fact that the lathe needs to be combines with other processes automatically makes necessary to integrate an anthropomorphic robot and create a machining cell.

CMZ, in collaboration with the machine tool builder Chiron and the local integrator Eraman have developed an automated machining cell to produce aluminium heat exchangers. The process flow is as follows:

  • The robot loads the raw part in the lathe from a conveyor to perform the turning operation.
  • The robot unloads the part from the lathe and loads it into the Chiron machining centre.
  • The machining centre has two twin pallets with two parts each. While the robot is loading the parts the other pallet is inside the machine.
  • The robot unloads the milled part and introduces it in a cleaning machine.
  • The robot takes the machined component and puts it back in the conveyor and takes a new raw part.

The cell is able to take out a part every 76s. In order to achieve that time all processes have been optimised to avoid any idle time between operations.

The lathe TA-30-S-640 machines the part in 39s using a PCD tool to turn the outside of the part with 2800rpm and a feed of 0.6mm/rev. The TA 30 spindle is able to perform this with out exceeding the power and current range.

CMZ offers the possibility to configure an Ethernet IP robot interface and automatic door in TA Series and all CNC lathe series to facilitate the integration with all the elements of the machining cell.

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