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CMZ manufactures all the parts in our CNC lathesMore than 500 CNC lathes. More than 500 Lathes manufactured per year guarantee us.

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CNC Lathes

TTL Series

CNC Lathes TTL Series


  • Multiturret machines for bar turning
  • 12.000 rpm/14Kw/42 Nm
  • Direct drive for all motors
TX Series

CNC Lathes TX Series

Prismatic guide multitorret CNC lathe.

  • Y axis in all turrets
  • High precisión and productivity
  • Servo type parts pickup
TA Series

CNC Lathes TA Series

A CNC lathe of high precision and reliability:

  • Turret with a built-in motor with 12.000 rpm
  • Prismatic guide ways
  • A CNC lathe with integrated spindles
TD Series

CNC Lathes TD Series

Big does not mean slow.

  • Goodbye to obsolete spindles with reduction gearboxes.
  • Integrated spindles of high power and torque.
  • 12.000 rpm/ 105 Nm / 13 Kw.

CNC Lathes Gantry Robots

Automation of short and long batches in your CNC lathe

If you are thinking of buying a cnc lathe, Cmz is the best option.

Wide range of products.

See our CNC lathe range. Machines manufactured with full warranty.

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