Welcome to CMZ Store! Buy tool holders for your CNC lathe online


The CMZ store is here. Our new online shop, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Anyone who needs to buy extra tool holders for their CMZ lathe can do it quickly and easily at our recently launched CMZ Store, a new digital platform where you can buy CMZ tool holders anytime, anywhere.

Wide variety of CMZ tool holders

When creating our online tool holder store, the priority was to satisfy our customer’s real needs. We were very certain that this would involve offering a variety of products: driven tool holders, holders for turning tools, boring bars and drills for use on both the main and sub spindle, with a range of different diameter bushes. There is a wide range designed to meet the needs of all workshops that use CMZ lathes.

CMZ tool holders by series

Our online shop is designed to make it easy for users of our numerical control lathes to buy CMZ tool holders online.

All available items are categorised by machine series. Against each particular tool holder, customers will find a detailed description of usage, technical features, price, weight, etc. One of the advantages of the CMZ Store is the ability to check real time stock levels available for immediate delivery, and the exact restocking date for tool holders that happen to be sold out.

Open 24/7

Excellent service is more important than ever. Customers can choose between two payment methods: bank transfer or credit/debit card.

CMZ will then swiftly process the order and dispatch your chosen tool holders, so production can continue with minimal disruption.

Welcome to the new CMZ Store!