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  • 13/09/2022

    Discovering CMZ: Beating records

    By the time you read these figures they might already be out of date, and that’s because we are always doing everything we can to beat our own records. We are engaging all the technical, productive and [...]

  • 10/08/2022

    Discovering CMZ: Always close to you

    We always #keeponturning, especially the aftersales department, which is spread out between all our subsidiaries and our headquarters. All of the people on the team have a motto: always offer the best possible [...]

  • 26/07/2022

    CMZ Magazine issue no. 2: Summary

    Good things come to those who wait. Proof of that is the second issue of our corporate magazine in which we share lots of news, and is loaded with interesting content: the most cutting-edge applications [...]

  • 26/07/2022

    Discovering CMZ: We are flying

    They say that freedom only consists of flying. We dream and fly high. We have been doing it since 1945, the year CMZ began its journey. The Halcón model is proof of that.

  • Discovering CMZ: We are Olympians

    Discovering CMZ: We are Olympians

    We might have taken a plunge with the headline, and never has a truer word been spoken. We have stopped to think about it, and the surface area of all of our manufacturing plants exceeds the size of 32 [...]

  • Iñaki Zumarraga Industry 4.0

    CMZ Wins the National Technology Award 2022 in the Industry 4.0 Category

    On 18 May, CMZ received recognition in the 5th annual National Technology Awards as the best Industry 4. 0 company. This prestigious award was sudden and unexpected arrival, and it is an acknowledgement [...]

  • Discovering CMZ | La gran familia

    Discovering CMZ: One Big Family

    The future belongs to them. Children are the energy and the joy of today and the hope of tomorrow. When we say that CMZ is growing at a dizzying rate, we mean it is doing so in every sense, including in [...]

  • 19/05/2022

    When a friend departs

    On May 19th, there was an unusual silence across the whole of CMZ. All of us who make up this big family walked with our feet on the ground, but our hearts and our gazed towards heaven. One of our own has [...]

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