CNC Lathes TX66 Y2
TX Series lathes

CNC Lathes TX66 Y2


The CNC machines with two turrets. Fast, reliable and precise. Improve production times.


This TX CNC lathe with 2 turrets allows complete and simultaneous machining of several pieces. Improve production times. Speed, reliability and precision with this multi-turret lathe manufactured to maximize user benefits.

  • High productivity and precision.
  • Y axis in all the turrets
  • High precision CNC control and easy operation.

Technical Specifications

Technical data TX66 Y2
TX52 Y2
Maximum turning diameter (mm) 255 255
Distance between center of spindles (mm) 639 647
Left Spindlestock
Maximum speed (rpm) 4000 5000
Spindle nose ASA 8" A2 ASA 6" A2
Bar diameter (mm) 66 52
Chuck diameter (mm) 210 175
Spindle power (kW) (S2 30min/S1) 18,5/15 18,5/15
Turning torque (Nm) (S2 30min/S1) 165/135 140/115
Right Spindlestock
Maximum speed (rpm) 5000 5000
Spindle nose ASA 6" A2 ASA 6" A2
Bar diameter (mm) 52 52
Chuck diameter (mm) 175 175
Spindle power (kW) (S2 30min/S1) 11/7,5 11/7,5
Turning torque (Nm) (S2 30min/S1) 100/67 100/67
Number of positions 12 12
Number of index positions 24 24
Maximum turning speed (rpm) 6000 6000
Maximum power (kW) 18 18
Maximum torque (Nm) 52 52
Weight Total weight (kg) 9600 (*) 9600 (*)
Debido a la constante evolución tecnológica las especificaciones aquí expuestas pueden ser alteradas sin previo aviso
(*) Pesos aproximados