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Second Hand CNC Lathes for Sale

The second hand lathes you need

At CMZ we know the importance of having a range of quality machinery, but we are also committed to the circular economy and giving capital goods a second life. That is why we market second hand lathes which are perfectly suited for your machining needs. We have a wide range of second hand lathes from the CMZ brand which have been reconstructed at our own facilities by expert operators. The condition of the machines has been expressly verified to provide high levels of productivity and ensure continued operation of quality machined parts. We have a variety of multi-turret, large-size and many other second hand lathes. Please see our current availability of second hand CNC lathes.

Second hand lathes: a great opportunity

Buying second hand lathes is a great way to acquire a machine in a good condition at a lower price. These second hand lathes have been disassembled and reconstructed at CMZ’s facilities, ensuring the manufacturer’s quality thanks to our expertise. Buying a second hand CNC lathe means substantial cost savings, less environmental impact, and the ability to produce machined parts at a lower price. Powerful, robust, reliable machines that have been working for one customer for years but are still fully ready to continue machining.

Assembly of second hand lathes at our facilities

As machine tool manufacturers, we like to take care of the smallest details. For that reason, when it comes to selling second hand lathes we deal with the disassembling and reconstruction of the machine from start to finish at our own facilities. The lathes are retrofitted by our specialist engineers, and the final results are robust, accurate and reliable ready to continue working as normal. Dismantling carriages, renewing bearings and scrapers, changing spindles, new covers... These second hand lathes have gone through a meticulously designed process to deliver machines that are fully able to continue working for years.

Exclusive opportunity to purchase second hand lathes

The purchase of a second hand CNC lathe is an exclusive opportunity. The machines are handed in by customers who have decided to replace their old lathe with a new CMZ lathe. When this happens, we are responsible for taking in the used lathe, disassembling it and reconstructing it. This work involves the collaboration of specialised personnel with thorough knowledge of the machine, to provide second hand lathes at very competitive prices and with the guarantee of having been retrofitted step-by-step by the manufacturer. The high quality and competitive prices of our second hand lathes mean there is very limited availability. See this page for the available options and the detailed reconstruction process for each of the second hand lathes currently for sale.


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