• 10/05/2022

    They are the future

    Here at CMZ, we are firmly invested in training and bringing on board new talent into the company. In this vein we have decided to do everything in our power to introduce future generations to the world [...]

  • 27/04/2022

    Discovering CMZ: in a garage

    All great stories start in a garage. If you don’t believe us, ask Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs. The two giants that are Amazon and Apple started that way, in the hands of entrepreneurs ready to take on the [...]

  • 14/04/2022

    In close-up

    We are very flattered by the coverage and attention that lots of the media have given us. On this occasion, it is our new projects and record turnover that have aroused a lot of interest. We have even saved [...]

  • 24/03/2022

    Discovering CMZ: The triangle

    Life is full of symbols. A green flag indicates that it's safe to swim, a red circle with a white rectangle inside it bars us from doing something, and a green light means we can go. In our case, the triangle [...]

  • 11/02/2022

    Discovering CMZ: Neoprec

    This is the second installment of Discovering CMZ, and it couldn’t have a better star than Neoprec. Our new machining plant has led to an amazing leap in leap in efficiency contributing to our ever increasing [...]

  • 09/02/2022

    Record Turnover: CMZ Exceeds €85 Million in 2021

    The chip removal machine tools sector is extremely competitive. In a market dominated by large multinationals with endless structures, beating your own turnover record is a feat of immense proportions. [...]

  • 25/01/2022

    Introducing our new section: Discovering CMZ

    The start of every year brings new hopes and goals. Apart from the obvious one of continuing to offer powerful and reliable machines with excellent customer service, in 2022 we want to carry on bringing [...]

  • 11/01/2022

    It’s official: Neoprec is now supplying the CMZ assembly chain

    We're on a roll. The debuts don’t stop. Neoprec is now up and running. Our new machining plant with over 8,000 m2 of useful surface area has begun to take its first steps. After the completion a few months [...]

  • 21/12/2021

    The 12 wishes granted for us in 2021

    We finish up this atypical year, 2021, with our sights set on December 31st. It is somewhat symbolic, but it marks the end of a period that for us has been full of milestones, and the start of a new adventure [...]

  • 16/12/2021

    #wearecmz: Olaf

    Family philosophy. We asked Olaf, chief executive of the German subsidiary of CMZ, to briefly define CMZ, and this was his response. When the opportunity to take over a company like CMZ in Germany presented [...]

  • 13/12/2021

    And there was light: new TTS Series

    We heralded its arrival with much fanfare, and now finally the TTS Series is a reality. With it, we release onto the market a unique fixed head lathe that is ideal for precision turning and high production. [...]

  • 10/12/2021

    #wearecmz: Aitor Zumarraga

    People. Everything begins and ends with them. Together with his brother Iñaki, Aitor Zumarraga leads the large company which CMZ has become nowadays. The quality of the product is a key aspect, but this [...]

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