Cookies Policy

The cookies are downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages. These allow a web, store and retrieve information about navigation and, depending on the information contained and the use made on the computer, can be used to identify the user.

Cookies are very important for the internet as they provide advantages in the provision of services, improving the navigability and usability of the CMZ website.

What cookies are used on this website?

The type of cookies installed through this website and the cookies installed by third parties are detailed:

Technical cookies: YES

They store generic and anonymous information regardless of personal data. Its objective is to guarantee and improve the operation of the site.

Analytical Cookies: YES

They allow the analysis and measurement of properties and functionalities of the web. They are third parties, specifically Google Analytics. They collect information on usage statistics without personally identifying visitors.

Advertising cookies: YES

They allow to store information about the navigation of the user through browsing sessions, presenting advertising content related to their interests or previous navigations.

Management of cookies

They can be configured from the browser itself:

Cookies policy update

CMZ reserves the right to modify the cookie policy in order to adapt it to the instructions of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Likewise, when there are changes in agreements with third parties that use or install cookies.