We are launching the 2nd edition of our Product Range Catalogue


Starting again, one more time. And we will return with the excitement of children using all their new things at the start of the school term. As part of the process of refreshing our corporate image, which we recently completed, we decided to give all of our catalogues a new look. This decision has entailed a lot of work, and lead to the birth of a catalogue that up until now we didn't have, the Product Range Catalogue. Time flies so quickly that we are already releasing our second edition. It is now available for all of our customers.

One new series, one catalogue

Every time we release a new series of lathes onto the market, we carefully prepare a specific catalogue. In it, we present all of the detailed technical characteristics, high quality photos, plans of the machinery... Endless aspects to ensure that anyone who has the catalogue in their hands will be able to get a close-up view of the machine's features. On each of the product pages of this website, it is possible to see the digital version of those catalogues, as well as the Media section of our Download Centre.

Our range of lathes

Our family of products is expanding all the time. Anyone looking for single turret lathes will find all of the options in the TA Series and the TD Z800-1350 Series, a high precision lathe. Robust, powerful and reliable lathes that are compatible with our Gantry Loaders. Thanks to the launch of the TD Z2200-Z3200 (long bed CNC lathe), we discovered that large does NOT mean slow, ever. And if anyone doesn't believe it, they can tell it to our lathes for machining large parts. Recently, we have expanded our range of multi-turret machines. The lathes in the TX Series will never be alone again, a star has been born: the TTL, and it is here to stay.

Said and done

We have spend a long time listening to our sales agents. In the end, they are the ones who maintain the closest contact with the end users of our lathes, and they were crying out for a catalogue that brings together all of our range. Said and done. Last year we launched our first range catalogue. The result? We only have a few units left.

2nd edition of the Product Range Catalogue

With the launch of the TTL Series, we have seen the need to complete that catalogue. For us, furthermore, it is very important that our customers are familiar with our manufacturing process and our methods. Because of that, in this new catalogue we have included a double page dedicated to detailing where we produce our lathes. This catalogue is the result of everyone's efforts, and good teamwork. It is now available online.

You can download it here or request a visit from any of our sales agents who can bring you a physical copy. We hope to be able to release our third edition soon