And there was light: new TTS Series


We heralded its arrival with much fanfare, and now finally the TTS Series is a reality. With it, we release onto the market a unique twin spindle lathe that is ideal for precision turning and high production. This new product completes the TT Series, spearheaded by the TTL which, due to its size, is the big brother. For the launch we organised a digital technical webinar which, whilst not without hitches, served to introduce this new lathe to all of the attendees.


TTS Series: Specifications and functionalities

Companies dedicated to precision turning will find their perfect ally in the new TTS. It is a multi-turret lathe that is completely ready for bar turning. It allows for cycle times to be noticeably reduced, and high production is its natural habitat. We could write reams listing its virtues in terms of technical specifications, but the most notable are:

  • It doesn’t have belts.
  • Motorised turret at 12,000 rpm and cooled with oil
  • Integrated headstocks with synchronous motors
  • Multiple configurations and bar passages.

The movements on the X3 and Y3 axes give the machine exclusive functionalities:

  • Counterpoint option: Can be placed on the headstock or under it. That way machining can be carried out between the chuck or collet and the counterpoint while the piece is finished in the subhead. A perfect option for continuous production.
  • Simultaneous work with 3 heads: The TTS has two turrets - it can also be configured with just one - although the CNC has 3 channels and allows 3 programmes to be run at once with the corrector. This means that two tools can be fitted on the two turrets, and machining can be carried out with 3 tools simultaneously.
  • Machining larger pieces. An advantage of the TTS Series compared to other fixed head lathes is that the vertical movement of the subhead reduces interferences and allows you to machine larger pieces.

Digital Technical Event

On 24 November we dressed up smartly to present the new jewel in our crown. It was our first time launching a digital technical event in 5 countries simultaneously. Everything was ready down to the last detail when, one minute before we were due to start, just as the attendees were starting to log on, our head office was struck by an unusual total power cut. Murphy’s Law was in force at the start of the event, or perhaps our competition was watching our movements in the shadows and had a hand in the affair😉

But despite this occurrence overshadowing the start of the event, over 375 people registered to take part. All of the participants were able to request a 15% discount voucher that they will be able to use on the launch day of the New CMZ Store.

TTS catalogue already available

We invite you to discover all of the virtues of the New TTS. Our entire sales network is ready to show you some of the multiple configurations this new lathe has to offer. Additionally, you can learn in depth about all of its capacities on its product page as well as in the new TTS catalogue that you can download online. The printed version is in the works and you will soon have it in your hands.

Now we can certainly say there was light. Before your eyes you have the fixed head lathe that every precision-turning company needs. Would you like to know more? Contact us.

TTS tailstock