JEPE 2023

Another year supporting talent


Last February was a great month. The Science Faculty and School of Engineering were the privileged settings, the participants at the trade fairs were the real focus. It has become increasingly clear to us that including talent is vitally important for the growth of the company and for that reason, we wanted to approach the people who are going to build the future with us. So last month was full of events with the spotlight on training and development. Long may that continue!

A meeting point for promoting the future

The 17th Conference Presenting Companies and Technology Innovation Centres was held on 15th February, where we were able to put forward our philosophy to people who might become part of CMZ’s future. The conference was held at the UPV Faculty of Science and Technology and was a great opportunity to meet students who are considering their next steps.

The following day and for the third year, we went to the Conference on Employment and Presenting Companies (JEPE 2023) in San Mamés. On previous occasions this trade fair helped us to add talent (and what great talent!) to CMZ. Our colleagues Monica and Mikel tell us enthusiastically how great it is to support young talent and open up new paths to the future.

They are the drivers of change

Two conferences of great interest for us. Sometimes we mistakenly think that in meetings like these the ones who benefit the most are the people who come up to us. But in fact that couldn’t be further than the truth. Having a stand full of people interested in finding out about CMZ is the best reward you can have and we can only say how grateful we are.

We think it is essential to be an active part of change, to commit to the future and we are delighted to be part of initiatives like this. Several people starting their working life with us and years later, are still part of CMZ: Our doors are always open to people who want to develop their future with determination, commitment and above all the desire to learn. Is that you?

If so, we look forward to seeing you on our next adventure! 😉