Assistance available to buy a CNC lathe


The decision to buy a new CNC lathe is always an important one. It can be a big investment and, as a result, it is essential to get the best value for money. In the current climate, it is very important to have very clear recovery plans and assistance available to buy machinery.

A good time to buy

Buying new machines in times of crisis is not an act of madness. It’s a great opportunity for those who wish to have the capacity to react to ever changing markets. CMZ can offer support and assistance to customers wanting to purchase at this difficult time. Our prices are even more competitive, and the quality of our machines continue to reign supreme. We take extra care over each and every step of the manufacturing process.

The economic rebound has already started. And it will be led by the organisations that are best able to adapt to the new situation. Having a new powerful, accurate, reliable CMZ lathe among your machinery arsenal will set you apart from the crowd and will give you added value that will allow you to plan for your customers’ orders or your internal needs in the medium term.

Part exchange your lathe with CMZ... final days!


Not all regions have been able to access subsidies or recovery plans to acquire machinery. For that reason, we started our campaign, Part Exchange Your Lathe. With the aim of supporting organisations to update their machines at a very special price, we will provide a valuation of the old lathe ourselves (whether it’s a CMZ or from other manufacturers), buy it from you, and discount the sum from the final price of the new CMZ lathe.

The good take-up of the scheme has meant we have been able to extend it throughout the month of September, which is about to draw to a close. And with it, our offer is ending too, as well as the last opportunity to get hold of a new CNC lathe, get rid of the old one, and profit directly from it.

Reconditioned used lathes

Our customers span a varied range of different types of companies. We don’t want to miss any of them out. We would like to invite everyone who is looking for a used lathe to visit our second hand lathes section on our website. All our used lathes have been fully disassembled and reconstructed by CMZ. Week by week, we show the progress of the reconstruction process. Here we also apply our motto, to polish and take care over every detail. This type of machine is very attractive. Although the second hand market is very broad, there aren’t that many machines that have been reconditioned by the manufacturer themselves. With complete transparency, we will show you the progress of that process. Don’t miss out!

Offers coming up

We want to keep contributing to this process of economic reconstruction, which concerns us all. As a result, in the next few months we are going to launch a series of special campaigns and programmes to make buying new a CMZ lathe  more affordable.

Don’t miss out!