Cafisur undertakes the biggest expansion in its history


Cafisur, our industrial metalworking plant situated in Cádiz, is expanding its facilities with the construction of an 8,500m2 plant. The objectives are clear: we want to increase our manufacturing capacity by 50% in the next 3 years. In order to grow you have to invest, and that's what we are doing.

From North to South

All of CMZ's assembly and machining plants are situated around the central offices in Zaldibar. This allows us to monitor the manufacturing process very closely. On top of that, the Basque Country has a wealth of industrial expertise, which means that finding qualified labour is much simpler than in other regions of Spain.

Cafisur was born from our eagerness to continue supplying our own components, in order to remain as self-sufficient as possible. This industrial metalworking plant is located in Cádiz. This was no coincidence.

Qualified labour

When looking for trusted suppliers, we had serious difficulties finding light boillermaking manufacturers who were serious and could provide guarantees.

It is worth mentioning that it is a sector in which the labour is very intensive. On top of that we faced the handicap of a scarcity of qualified welders in the Basque Country. However, in Cádiz there are plenty of them, and the costs are lower. This is mainly due to the fact that Cádiz has an important naval tradition, which is currently in decline. This has meant that the market is awash with highly skilled welders with a broad set of knowledge who are available immediately.

Main sectors

Currently, CMZ's demand is such that Cafisur delivers practically 100% of its products to this lathe manufacturer. Even still, it only covers 50% of our needs. If we take into account the fact that Cafisur is only two years old, it is an all-round success.

Our intention is for the Cádiz plant to supply to third parties, mainly in the machinery and aerospace manufacturing sector.

Move in sight

The needs are clear. Because of that, in the final third of 2019, we will be opening new facilities: an 8,500m2 unit on the Bay of Cádiz industrial estate. This important decision will be a watershed moment since it will allow us to increase our manufacturing capacity, thereby enabling us to take on new customers. Currently, our unit is on the El Palmar industrial estate in El Puerto de Santa María, and we have 3,000m2; in other words, we are practically going to triple the size of our facilities. We have laser punching machines, CNC press brakes, welding equipment and more.

Excited and eager to grow

Based on our experience, we firmly believe that one of the ways of being competitive in price, without sacrificing quality, is by producing as much of our own components as possible. All of the light boilermaking involved in our lathes comes straight from Cafisur. If we are growing, so are they. We are facing this new phase brimming with excitement and eagerness to grow. The forecasts are very good, and we will work hard to reach the targets we have set ourselves.