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In July 2022 we reached the milestone of selling 2,000 machines from the TA Series, and we couldn't let this opportunity for a big celebration pass us by. Thanks to our loyal customers, people who look for reliability and power in their CNC lathes, we have managed to reach this monumental figure, and this number keeps on growing.

TA SERIES: Power and reliability

The fact that the TA Series has become the best seller out of our entire range of products is testament to these wonderful machines. Offering three different bed lengths and multiple configuration options, these machines, manufactured using the very best components, are the obvious choice for those seeking power, precision, and high-level technical characteristics at a competitive price.

All models have integrated spindles and on driven tool models the turrets have an integrated fully oil-cooled 12,000rpm motor facilitating increased precision and a reduction in cycle times. What's more, by adding one of our gantry robot loaders, long and short batch runs can be automated. The TA series has hundreds of different configuration options to suit many applications. 

CMZ BOX: a reward for loyalty

2,000 CNC machines sold from the TA Series means things are going well, and we wanted to reward the trust placed in us. For this, we prepared a package that included a unique and unforgettable experience: the CMZ Box.

This experience speaks about who we are: our home, our culture, our cuisine, our passion and our city. At the end of the day, here at CMZ we are a family business with an international character: there are already 2,000 TAs spread all over the world thanks to our subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy and the UK, as well as our distributors on both sides of the Atlantic. All we can say is thank you.


We know you want to know who is going to enjoy this fabulous prize. But before revealing the big surprise, we want to thank everyone who took part: there were lots of you who dedicated a few minutes to taking part in our prize draw, and we appreciate it.

So, without further ado, the winner of the CMZ Box prize draw is: FABBRICA D´ARMI PIETRO BERETTA S.P.A.

Congratulations! We hope you enjoy it!