Infinite automation solutions: New CMZ catalogue


When it comes to our customers and our sales network, your wish is our command: the new CMZ catalogue is now here. 12 pages of pure technology in which we have tried to summarise some of the automation solutions we can offer here at CMZ to those who are already enjoying the advantages of automated production, or to those who want to enter this world of infinite possibilities.

Are you short staffed? Why not consider automation!

Setting up our Gantry Loader is much simpler than anthropomorphic robots. They are faster, more cost effective, take up less space, are easier to program, and both the machine and robot run off the one Fanuc controller.

Our range of automation solutions covers a full range of parts, from the smallest up to 50kg. They are 100% configurable and are designed to adapt to the machining needs of any type of production process.

Grippers and Workstockers

Our range of gantry robot loaders will make your productivity sky rocket and enhance your profitability. The choice of gantry loader will be largely determined by the weight of the workpieces. Shafts as well as billets can be loaded, by fitting the gantry robot with the correct grippers and workstocker best suited to the type of parts to be machined .

We offer a wide variety of end of arm tooling/grippers. The customer can configure their automation process in a simple and fully customised way. The nature and weight of the workpieces and the type of operation to be performed are aspects to take into account when selecting one of the multiple types of gripper with different characteristics available from the GL Series.

Our workstockers, for both billets and shafts, are easily adaptable to any type of workpiece and provide large storage capacity for raw and finished parts. This noticeably extends the robot's autonomous running time. Maximise storage space for more raw billets with the option of a parts table for the safe collection of finished components. Available with Workstocker WS-280

Conversational programming system: fast and simple

We have developed a fast and simple conversational programming system that allows workpieces to be changed quickly. It is simple to program, and the software is set up for the user to enter the minimum amount of information necessary. With all of this, the loading and unloading times are reduced to a minimum, improving the yield of the CNC lathe.

New automation catalogue

As we mentioned at the beginning, we have tried to provide a sample of the multiple advantages that our automation options provide. The solutions offered by our range of gantry robot loaders are infinite, and fully adaptable to the idiosyncrasies of any type of process. As proof of that, you can see some of the real solutions we have provided here.

You can now access our online automation solutions catalogue. If you would like to receive a physical copy, please feel free to contact our sales network. If you have a project in mind that requires a bespoke automation solution, contact us and we will find the best option together.

Why not automate!