Latest CMZ media appearances


There are many media outlets that have talked about our latest news in the last few months. One thing's for sure, we have generated a lot of content. Content that specialised media both at a national and European level have considered to be deserving of a place on many of their pages. As manufacturers of CNC lathes we feel proud of the great response we have had from all parts of the media. Below, we tell you about some of the most significant reports.

12 months, 12 applications

For the year 2019, one of our clear targets was to share with the whole world some of the most interesting applications we are carrying out at CMZ. In keeping with that commitment, each month on our website we present a detailed application for lathes with a downloadable file that includes programming hints, tips, tutorials and more.

Many magazines see this type of content as being very valuable, and they share it with their readers. An example of this is Metal Industria, IMHE and the magazine Tope, which dedicated a full article to Broaching, in both its online and printed versions. Interempresas also included it in their digital version in May. At an international level, the well-known Italian publication Tecnelab also considered Broaching to be an application of interest for its readers.

The German magazine Maschine Werkzeug also drew attention to our work on sharing applications for digital control lathes.

Cases of success that transcend borders

In the Cases of Success section of our website, we share our customers' experiences with our CNC lathes. We believe that these are our best form of guarantee, and we always prefer it when it is our customers who assess the quality of our work.

Metrol Springs, a gas springs manufacturer, has been one of our most viewed success stories, and the fact is that their experience generates a lot of interest. Thanks to their multi-turret machine from CMZ, they managed to reduce their production time by 50% per part. Interesting, isn't it? It seems so, since Production Engineering Solutions, one of the sector-specific magazines with the most clout in the United Kingdom, dedicated a full article to us in their June issue, sharing the experience of Paul Hynes and his team.

Unprecedented campaign

For the first time in our history, and, thanks to the increase in our production capacity, we have been able to launch a special promotion which has meant we have been able to offer our customers machines for immediate delivery. We can state that the initiative has been a resounding success. Media outlets such as Empresa XXI have shared this initiative. Thanks to this campaign, nearly 1,000 people have downloaded the terms and conditions of the offer and we already have machines up and running in the premises of the customers who decided to give in to such a succulent deal.

Space for the corporate environment

Nevertheless, over these last few months there has also been time for news of a corporate nature. Interempresas published an interview with Aitor Zumarraga, one of our managing directors, in which he analyses the current situation of CMZ and the market.

To mark the 15 year anniversary of our French subsidiary, the publication Empresa XXI dedicated its "Basques around the World" section to an article in which Laurent Loustalot recounts his experience at the head of CMZ France.

We could not be more grateful for the great response our news has received. Thanks to the magazines, newspapers and media outlets that support us, every day we are able take our digital control lathes a little bit closer to every corner of the world.