Lathes with Automatic Loading


In an increasingly competitive market like the machine tools market, having a range of machinery that ensures high productivity and minimum downtimes is key. Within this range, various solutions have been designed to automate the production process, like lathes with automatic loading. There are different ways of optimising cycle times using automatic parts loaders and we examine them in this article.

Different ways of automating your CNC lathe

The market offers various ways of automating production on your CNC lathe, by using anthropomorphic robots, Gantry Loader, bar feeder and bar unloader, among others. All these solutions are designed to increase workshop productivity and they meet a latent need in the market. There is currently a real need for skilled labour and the demand to fill such positions exceeds supply. Companies therefore have to find solutions, and automating their production process is often one of them.

Lathes with automatic loading are a simple, affordable option for automating batch production. In machining companies or companies dedicated to large batch production, this solution provides added value, because other workshop needs can be dealt with while the part is being produced. The automatic parts loader integrates perfectly in the lathe and is configured and programmed with CNC software to help automate and speed up production.

Automatic parts loader

Automatic parts loaders are systems that integrate with production and help to feed the machine automatically with raw material. This solution has been designed with workshops and companies dedicated to mass production in mind, as they look to increase productivity and automate their internal processes. The automatic loader is programmed independently of the machine it is integrated into, entering basic information for positioning the jaws for holding the workpiece and, once production starts, the machine is fed without the need for human intervention.

When integrating an automatic parts loader in a CNC lathe, several factors must be taken into account. Among them, the size of the part to be manufactured and its weight are very important, not forgetting the weight of the workpiece. A further factor to consider is the diameter of the raw part, which must be indicated in the automatic loader program.

CMZ lathes have the option of including a variety of automation solutions, such as the automatic parts loader. The chosen solution largely depends on each customer's production needs. First hand, personalised, commercial and technical assistance is, therefore, essential to help you choose the best option for a lathe with automatic loading, so you can optimise production for maximum efficiency.