Maintenance contracts

We are CNC lathes manufacturers and we offer a guarantee and quality product backed by a professional and close assistance service. The CMZ Keep On Turning services, help you to maximize the production during the machine´s entire life cycle. We have created three products based on the predictive maintenance. In this way, we can avoid breakdowns and minimize defects.

Our exhaustive control list guarantees the detailed inspection of your CMZ lathe. During the period of validity of any of our maintenance contracts, additional discounts are applied on our spare parts for your CNC lathe. The preference in free technical advice by CMZ engineers and the priority response to a machine breakdown are just some of the advantages:

Locate your nearest Technical Assistance Service

Holderäckerstr. 31

70499 Stuttgart (Germany)

Service Hot-line: +49 (0) 711 46920470

Parc Technologique Nord

65, Rue Condorcet

38090 Vaulx Milieu (France)

Service Hot-line: +33 (0) 474 990 324

Via Arturo Toscanini 6

20020 Magnago (Mi) Italy

Service Hot-line: +39 (0) 331 308710

Azkorra s/n.

48250 Zaldibar (Spain)

Service Hot-line: +34 94 465 70 40

6 Davy Court

Central Park


CCV23 0UZ (United Kingdom)

Service Hot-line: +44 (0) 1788 562213