Fabricación de pieza de ajedrez

Making Chess Pieces


CNC lathes are used to manufacture a multitude of parts we use in daily life. This is probably one of the most "common" examples of turned parts, because the making of chess pieces has played a vital role in entertainment for many generations of people.


Chess pieces have been made since ancient times when chess emerged in 15th Century Europe, evolving from a variety of games from Asia. It was so popular that numerous tournaments were set up, leading to an exponential increase in the number of players worldwide. Chess is now recognised as a sport and is played competitively, as well as being a leisure and educational activity.

It is certainly a board game where intelligence and strategy play a major role. So much so, that even the production method for the pieces used to devise all these stratagems is of interest😉 There are numerous ways of making chess pieces, from turning on a manual wooden lathe to hand carving. This time, we show you the ideal machine for making chess pieces in just a few seconds: the CNC lathe.

The generally symmetrical shapes of chess pieces make the lathe an ideal machine on which to make them. From pieces that can be very simple to make, like pawns, to more complex pieces that require milling operations, like the rook, CNC lathes can be your greatest ally.

Below you can see a brass piece being machined into a chess pawn. All done in just a few seconds:

The TA series: a multi-purpose machine

A myriad of machinery and tools are available for producing chess pieces, but in terms of CNC lathes, the TA series is one of the best options. The TA-15-YS-640, in particular, has all the technical characteristics for winning the game 😉

This high precision lathe with high torque and power can also incorporate a driven tool for finishing off small details. The TA series is CMZ's top selling series, ensuring a product with a long service life that guarantees quality finishes. The thousands of machines in this series all over the world support that claim, making it the best machine for making chess pieces.