Clavija de guitarra

Manufacturing guitar tuning pegs


We're talking about probably one of the most popular instruments in modern music. The sound of the guitar has become an essential sound in the thousands of melodies we hear each day. So that each string on the guitar plays the corresponding notes perfectly, the strings have to be adjusted using the guitar tuning pegs. At CMZ we aren't music experts (we're better in other areas), but we do know about the details for manufacturing guitar tuning pegs, without detuning a single note. 😉

What are tuning pegs for?

First of all, what are tuning pegs and what are they for? The pegs are on the headstock of the guitar and they form part of the pegbox (a group of pegs), located specifically at the end of the fingerboard. Here the strings are tensioned and supported and the pegs are used to tune the instrument correctly. The pegs are usually lined up three on one side of the headstock and three on the other, although that can vary depending on the type of guitar or its design. These small elements are essential for using the instrument correctly, because without them we wouldn't be able to adjust the tuning and keep it in tune over time. That would have disastrous consequences, especially for our ears. 😉

Specifically, the pegs have a screw which makes them turn so that they in turn move the corresponding string. These screws have very small diameters, with holes in some cases of up to 3*4 mm. A wide variety of materials is used to make them: from pegs made from wood like ebony, to metals like stainless steel. The choice depends on the needs and characteristics of the guitar in question.

TTS series: your small great ally

When it comes to manufacturing guitar pegs, CMZ's TTS series could become your small great ally. This fixed head lathe for precision turning is the smallest machine in the entire product range, but its technical characteristics and features make it unique. The lathe has no belts, its motorised turret at 12,000 rpm has an integrated oil-cooled motor. In addition, the movements along the X3 and Z3 axes give this series exclusive features: it has the option to incorporate a centre point and can work with three tools at the same time.

Lathes are ideal machines for manufacturing guitar pegs because their geometry makes peg production easy. In particular, the TTS-38-38-T1-T2 is particularly suitable for manufacturing small parts with a high level of detail. It is also designed for mass production, ensuring fast machining times with precise, reliable finishes. Can you hear that? It's the sound of precision 😉