New automated cell for manufacturing tool holders in Neoprec


In order to supply the growing demand for the CMZ Store, online tool holder store, CMZ has started up a second automated cell for machining tool holders, in Neoprec (Mallabia). This way, the company will be able to double the production of tool holders for its lathes.

Second robotic cell in Neoprec

Due to the increase in the volume of sales of tool holders at the CMZ Store, this last month CMZ has started up a second robotic cell composed of a five-axis vertical machine centre. This second cell, together with the first one, is at NEOPREC, the group’s machining plant for small and medium sized parts.

The cell is composed of a Makino D500 5-axis machine centre together with a Zeiss Prisma three-dimensional measuring machine, with all the necessary characteristics to ensure maximum precision measurement in a workshop environment. It is also equipped with a Fanuc anthropomorphic robot, a machine specifically for cleaning parts and a deburring station.

All of the above aims to double the production of tool holder bodies which are then placed in the CNC lathes. Automating the production of these components serves to achieve high productivity, as well as high precision in the machining.

100% automated, intelligent cell

This second automated cell can work without the need for human intervention for over 48 hours. That delivers high productivity ratios because automated work avoids downtimes.

The cell functions as follows: The robot collects the blanks from the tool holder by sight and puts them in the machine where they are machined. Then, after going through the cleaning machine, the three-dimensional machine takes the corresponding measurements and corrects the online tool correctors. To finish the parts, they are deburred and stored in the tool transporter.

Another of the strong points is the precision of the operation. 100% of the machined parts are measured, applying the necessary corrections which means the tool holders are machined within micron tolerances. With this approach, we achieve extremely high precision tool holders.

For over four years now, CMZ has had a first automated cell for manufacturing tool holders. In this second version, the company has included numerous improvements to optimise productivity even more. For example, one of the added functionalities is the possibility of recovery in the event of problems, making it intelligent and autonomous.

For that purpose, there are three areas for delivering machined parts:

  1. Good parts area. The part has been machined and all the 3-D machine measurements are green
  2. Recoverable defective part area.
  3. Irrecoverable defective part area.

That makes it a 100% automated, intelligent cell, able to feed CMZ’s supply chain for the production of tool holders. Its high productivity and short non-production times will serve to double production to meet the high demand from the CMZ Store.

Neoprec, the ideal location

As noted previously, the two automatic cells for manufacturing tool holders are located in Neoprec, CMZ group’s machining plant for small and medium sized parts in Mallabia. The plant has the ideal characteristics for the cells to operate smoothly because it has 8,000 m2 under strict temperature control where the machinery is housed. This approach ensures quality in the manufacture of the tool holders

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