CMZ resleases new website


Premiere in CMZ. Through our new website we intend to peek into the digital world to share our latest news. Videos about applications, tutorials, articles of interest, information about the new CMZ Academy courses ... These are just some of the contents you will find. The new CMZ website has born with the aim of becoming an agile communication channel with our customers and a constantly updated source of information.

One of the main news topics is the section about applications in which, in addition to interesting videos about them, you will find extra materials of interest with very useful information. We prefer that our customers talk about their experience with our machines, so in the Success stories section our customers take the floor.

A renewed design for a web full of news and contents of your interest.

In addition, we will disclose all the news in our social networks. You can follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Our page will be updated weekly to offer content of interest, we want it to be a live and dynamic web for the users that reach it.

We have already made the leap, will you accompany us?