Open House CMZ Italy


During November 15-16-17, CMZ Italia held an Open House bringing together a large number of customers, suppliers, salesmen and friends. It was more than an Open House. On May 25, 2018, the company suffered a serious setback with the loss of Paolo Paccagnini. This has been an event marked by emotion and nostalgia.

Italy, the main market

Thursday morning was fully dedicated to the sales force. During the event, Aitor Zumarraga, CMZ Genreal Director, offered an interesting presentation in which he analysed the market situation, the results obtained and the objectives foreseen for the coming years. "Sales in Italy have increased unstoppably in recent years to become our main market. Therefore, we will work hard to increase billing significantly in the next 3 years."

Renzo Codari had words of thanks for all the agents for the patience shown in the last months after the departure of Paolo. Who was the right hand of Paccagnini, has performed an irreproachable task. Zumarraga defined it as a "fundamental pillar" within the business organization.

A new era: Alessandro Senzapaura

Salesmen had the opportunity to meet Alessandro Senzapaura, new commercial director of CMZ Italia.

Mechanical Engineer from the Polytechnic of Milan and with a long career developed in companies such as Makino or Fastems, Senzapaura faces grateful and excited his new professional stage.

Then, time to CMZ main suplliers: SMW Autoblock, Esprit and MT Marchetti presented interesting news during their conferences.

The machines, the protagonists

Afterwards, the attendees could enjoy the interesting gastronomic offer prepared for the occasion. At 2:00 p.m., the Open House was officially inaugurated and the first customers who posed happily in the photocall began to arrive. In the Showroom, the real protagonists: the machines. Accurate, robust and reliable cnc lathes. Properties that the assistants could verify in situ. Among the exposed machines, was a TD Z2200, the range of CMZ lathes for the production of large pieces.

CMZ Academy

The assistants had the opportunity to know "CMZ Academy".

Raúl González, international director of the Technical Asistance Service, explained that it is a training classroom created to offer courses on the handling of the lathes and their programming

"The company is going to bet clearly for this service, something that we consider essential for strengthen our after sales department and continue to offer a quality, close and professional service. We hope to launch it in the coming months, "Gonzalez said. The first day of Open House culminated with a cnc lathe sold to Balduzzi customer.

Paolo, we will be great

If there is a word that defines like no other, this Open House is emotion. The "big day" of the event was Friday. In the press conference, which took place in the morning, in addition to countless clients were present the main specialized media of the country. The entire CMZ international directive offered a conference full of news, excitement and projects. How could it be otherwise, started with a heartfelt tribute to Paolo Paccagnini. A video about the history of the company was screened, marked by the magnificent work that Paolo developed since he took charge of the company in 2012. He took the reins of the Italian subsidiary and made the project his own. He tok CMZ to the corners of most of the country´s workshops. He knew how to understand the philosophy of this family business and took it to the top. He believed in a dream and made it a reality. In addition to a fighter and a tireless worker, he was a great person. Each and every one of the people who have passed through CMZ these days remind him with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. At the end of it, the whole room broke into applause attesting to the contained emotion.

New projects and investments

Paolo always said that "we would be great" and Aitor Zumarraga, visibly moved, promised that this would be giving way to the rest of the speakers and the new stage that the company faces with hope and commitment at the hands of Alessandro Senzapaura.

Iñaki Zumarraga, CEO of CMZ, shared all the investments and projects that the company is developing, among them, the expansion of the machining plants or the start-up of Neoprec. With these investments, the company will improve its productive capacity to respond to market needs. Raúl González, in addition to presenting "CMZ Academy", shared the main news of the after-sales area in Italy, among them the notable increase of service technicians to give a quicker response to the needs of customers.

Finally, Laurent Loustalot and Olaf Suessmann, responsible for the French and German subsidiaries of CMZ: They shared their experience and highlighted with admiration and affection the great work done by the unforgettable Paolo.

The end

Everything good comes to an end and Saturday at noon culminated the Open House. An event that has served to share experiences, create synergies, close deals, establish business relationships, publicize news ... But, above all, this act has marked the end of a wonderful stage and the beginning of another that is motivating and promising .

Without wanting it, Paolo has become a legend. It has taught us to love life like nobody else, to fight for dreams and to believe that, if you like, you can, you can always do it.

Thank you, Paolo!