SAMUEXPO: The tour begins


On the same day that exhibited at the Jobs and Company Presentations Day – JEPE 2020, another key event took place: CMZ's first fair of the year. We are a leading manufacturer of digital control lathes, and because of that we believe it is essential to take part in the main sector fairs. One of those is SAMUEXPO, which took place in Pordenone.

Italy, our biggest market

Anyone looking to buy a CNC lathe in Pordenone, or in any other part of Italy, can come to us. We have a solid and stable sales force, with qualified people who know our lathes better than anyone. Thanks to your work and and the impeccable efforts of the whole team, Italy is our main market. It is the country where we sell the largest number of machines, a figure that we continue to grow and consolidate

A star is born

At CMZ we are still celebrating the birth of the TTL, a lathe that is here to stay, and completes our family of multi-turret machines. The TTL is designed and manufactured following the highest quality standards. It is a turning centre that is ideal for high production and precision turning. Because of that, this year it is coming to all of the fairs with us.

Anyone who visited our stand at SAMUEXPO was able to see all of its advantages first hand: integrated headstocks with synchronous motors, motor housing cooled with oil, bed inclined at 60° to improve ergonomics and extraction of shavings... These are just some of the main features of this multi-turret lathe.

The feedback that we have received from this first fair of the year about our TTL has been very positive. The customers were very surprised by the machine’s robustness and its high machining capacity.

Best sellers

At the fair in Pordenone we also showed off our best sellers: a TA-20-TY-640 and a TD-35-Y-1350. These machines are some of the ones that sold the most in the last year and our customers love seeing them in situ when they visit us at fairs.

On tour

When we travel around Europe visiting the main machine tools fairs, with such robust, powerful and reliable machines in tow, we feel like rock stars. We are carrying on our tour, taking our lathes to all corners of the world.