Seuner Fabricados: ON Bizkaia Award for Best Spin-Off Development


Without a doubt, the best prize we could get for our efforts is the satisfaction of our customers. However, our large lathe assembly plant, Seuner Fabricados, receiving a prestigious award is a great cause for celebration. Not only did we take home the commemorative plaque, we also got the satisfaction of a job well done and the pure happiness of receiving such recognition.

ON Bizkaia Awards

The ON Bizkaia Awards are given out annually by Beaz, to acknowledge the contribution made by various Basque companies to generating economic activity and employment.

Of the 417 projects presented, Seuner Fabricados was selected and given the award for the Best Spin-Off Development

Large CNC lathes

As explained in the video shown during the prize-giving gala, Seuner Fabricados is CMZ's project for manufacturing lathes for machining large parts. CMZ's long bed CNC lathes are fully manufactured by Seuner Fabricados, the assembly plant situated in Mallabia, that the group decided to set up in 2014. Not only does spin-off allow us to manufacture large lathes, it also positions us as leaders in the machine tool sector.

Thanks to the Seuner Fabricados, we have managed to become more competitive and, as Beaz has recognised, we are a driving force in the auxiliary and supplies industry in the area of Durango, in the Basque Country, Spain.


Prizes were awarded to 7 companies in the different categories.

  • Best INNOVATION project: GUIVISA
  • Best START-UP development: MICOLET
  • Best SPIN-OFF development: CMZ

The companies come from different sectors within the business world and therefore it is even more satisfying to be recognised outside of a purely industrial environment.

The opening of the gala, which was attended by representatives of over 450 businesses, was presided over by the General Deputy of Biscay, Unai Rementeria. He highlighted the "political, social and economic stability of the province of Biscay, which is enviable throughout the world". After handing out the prizes, there were several round tables discussing collaborative ecosystems, cooperation between companies, and the next challenges for the business world.

Seuner Fabricados: Best Spin-Off Development

Our Marketing and Communications Manager, Patricia Heras, collected the coveted prize on behalf of all of our colleagues.

When asked what factors had contributed to Seuner's development, she highlighted three fundamental aspects. The first, without a doubt, is being able to count on the track record, tradition and support of an established company such as CMZ, a leading manufacturer of digital control lathes. Secondly, she stated that putting high quality products on the market, such as our large CNC lathes, is a great help. They are manufactured according to high quality standards, applying all of the available technical advances. And finally, and possibly the most important ingredient, are the people. We have over 300 team members, distributed across the 5 countries in which we have subsidiaries, who make all of this possible on a day-to-day basis. She also gave a mention to the customers, friends and suppliers that continue to support us.

We will end this post the same way as Patricia did: this prize is for all of them. A heartfelt thank you.