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These are difficult times. We weren't counting on a pandemic of uncontrollable scale changing the way in which we see and understand our day-to-day life. Terms such as COVID-19, social distancing and lockdown weren't part of our vocabulary not so long ago. The manufacturing industry has not been spared from this situation. We have had to make some hard decisions that weren't at all simple. We have had to find a balance to safeguard the health of people and our business; find a way to carry on providing a service to our customers; hone our ingenuity to carry on demonstrating that "Turning the World" is not just a nice phrase that accompanies our brand.

Apart, but more united

In order to start again with more strength if possible, to go back to bumping into each other in the factories and corridors of this big family that is CMZ; to carry on taking CMZ lathes far and wide; we are still here.

Your #stayathome is ours too. It may sound strange, but it’s true. We refuse to cling onto a pessimistic outlook. So, putting fear and uncertainty aside, we are going to make sure this time goes a little quicker. We have to be apart, but more united than ever. We are still here. Do you want to know how?

We bring our machines to you

The machine tools fairs have come to a stop. Client visits to our factories are not part of our daily schedule. However, we are going to bring our digital control lathes to your home. Will you let us in?

We will do this through our applications for lathes section. We propose to liven up your days at home with videos about applications, downloadable dossiers with tips and functions that will show you all of the potential of our machines. Keep track of us on social media in the next few weeks. Our CNC lathes are going to be closer to you than you think.

TTL Catalogue

Our sales team are at home, but that doesn’t mean they're not keen to shake hands with their customers, meet up with them, organise a visit to find out about our machines in person, stay up to date...

This blasted virus has caught us with the TTL catalogue printed and ready to leave our premises. But there’s no need to panic! We have it here, and sooner rather than later you will have it in your hands.

Until that long-awaited moment arrives, you can browse through the digital version of the TTL lathes catalogue, a new concept of multi-turret lathes with never-seen-before functions.

CNC lathes in stock

The coronavirus health crisis has given all of us a wake-up call. We would be lying if we said we were prepared for something like this – nobody is. What we can guarantee is that, thanks to our production capacity, we have an ample stock of top-range CNC lathes.

Lathes which, when everything gets back to normal, we can deliver to you in record time. They are machines that have already been manufactured, most of which are ready for immediate delivery. In our stock machines section, you can all available models in real time. They are lathes that are still being sold, since many of our customers are already preparing to get back to work.

During these days of lockdown, we will be updating their availability. Thanks to this digital system, reservations of machines are guaranteed for interested customers. Don’t hesitate to consult us to find out about any prices, configurations or any other features. We can’t wait to hear from you ;)

As you can see, we are at our action stations, just in a different way. Let’s spend this strange and unusual time together from afar. It is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, learn, get back to the warmth of home, spend time with our loved ones and gather our strength so we can get back to everything with more energy and enthusiasm than ever; until then... #stillturning