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Trumpet mouthpieces: how they are made


It is all about music! Trumpet mouthpieces are an essential part of the instrument and one of the best kept secrets of any self-respecting musician. The choice of mouthpiece depends on the musical score we are dealing with and the demands it makes. In any event, we know the best way to manufacture these small allies, regardless of the special features of the piece of music. In this article we look at how trumpet mouthpieces are made.

Mouthpieces: types and differences

To make the trumpet sound, or any wind instrument, a mouthpiece is essential. As it vibrates, we humans manage to create and interpret melodies that captivate. Trumpet mouthpieces have a very unusual shape: being symmetrical over its own axis, it has a bowl-shaped cup which narrows to a throat. The instrument is played by pressing the mouthpiece against the lips which vibrate to generate the sound.

There are several types of trumpet mouthpieces that are designed according to the shape of the cup, its inside diameter, and the shape of the throat. Depending on the musical score the musician has to play, one type of mouthpiece or another will be more appropriate for the performance. The depth of the cup is denoted by a letter on the mouthpiece: A and B mouthpieces have the deepest cups and C is considered to be standard. The cups on D, E and F mouthpieces are not as deep. This directly affects the musician's embouchure and the way they play, so the correct choice of mouthpiece is important.

TTL series: the best instrument for this piece

In the case of manufacturing mouthpieces for trumpets, the series that best suits your production needs is the TTL with CNC turning centres designed for high volume production. These lathes have two turrets and they have been designed for machining complex parts in a high-volume production environment.

Specifically, model TTL-52-52-TI-T2 is best suited for this type of part. With a bar capacity of 52 mm, this turning centre has eight integrated, beltless, oil-cooled motors to ensure high levels of precision and reliability. So, if you want to make sure the king of jazz and many other musical genres keep playing, the TTL series is your best ally for making these medium-sized parts.