We launch #wearecmz


January is drawing to a close and we don't want to say goodbye without introducing one of our upcoming annual campaigns, #wearecmz. With this campaign, we want to acknowledge those people who, in one way or another, make our CNC lathes possible. #wearecmz is the result of weeks of recordings, acknowledgements, statements – work that was done with all of our team's affection. Behind the machines, there are always people and each one of them has a lot to offer and an interesting story to share.


Through the section "Success Stories", we wanted our clients themselves to talk about their experience with CMZ. When we say experience, we're referring to the word in its broadest sense. As you will have seen, this means that they don't just talk about our CNC lathes but also about other, intangible yet fundamental aspects such as customer assistance, personal treatment, service, etc.

It was under this same philosophy that #wearecmz was born. Now it's our employees' turn to speak and openly share what CMZ is like from the inside, what brought them here and what it means to them.


Screws, shaft, toolholders, clamps… these are all essential ingredients when manufacturing what is considered to be a robust, powerful and reliable machine. Nevertheless, for us fellowship, empathy and commitment are some of the factors that we consider essential in our employees.

The team that makes CMZ possible is made up of responsible, loyal and hard-working people. The range of profiles is very diverse: assembly operators, production engineers, after-sales technicians, etc. Here, every position is essential. There is no large or small category. Every link in the chain has a clear and vital role for the work to be performed well. All of this contributes to the production of a quality machine tool that has careful attention given to every detail during the manufacturing process. We are more than a manufacturer of CNC lathes.


#wearecmz was born with the intention of paying tribute to our people, to give them a voice, to shout it out to the world that, however many technological advances exist, people come first, always.

The campaign is composed of this trailer that summarizes what the fundamental part is: a minidocumentary of just over 5 minutes in which our 18 protagonists open up to the channel. Thanks to them, we are going to be able to find out what CMZ is like. A family business that, after suffering various setbacks over its long history, has reshaped itself to become one of the biggest CNC lathe manufacturers in Europe. Furthermore, throughout 2019, we will have the opportunity to get to know each of the protagonists in depth. Every month we will publish one of the personal interviews.


Perhaps what has been most difficult for us is taking this step, as in #wearecmz we are opening the doors to our home and that is something that, a priori, is embarrassing. Nevertheless, we are aware that it's the best way for you to find out more about this CNC lathe manufacturer that is so unusual: a company with more than 300 employees and a presence in 5 countries, but with a 100% family-oriented DNA and philosophy.

It took many months but it wouldn't have been possible without the help of the following people: Aitor, Aitor Z, Alain, Bruno, Erlantz, Iñaki, Itziar, Koldo, Laurent, Maikel, Maitane, Mariano, Mikel, Olaf, Renny, Renzo, Roberto and Santi… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity.

And yes, now we have everything prepared. The launch will be 1st February. Remember that, after, we will get to know each of the people interviewed even better. Will you stay with us? Lights, camera… action! Don't miss it!