#wearecmz: Aitor Monje


His voice is deep and composed and although its characteristics would be good enough to earn a living working on the airwaves, Aitor's is one of the 6 friendly faces hidden behind the CMZ After-Sales Service line. He's spent more than 20 years helping our customers resolve incidents and improving their experience in the use of their numerical controlled lathes. He's been a witness and also an active part of the profound change our company is experiencing and today he appears in our #wearecmz section to tell us about it.

Much more than a lathe

Two decades is a long time and Aitor knows this well. He's been able to train those who started, guide new arrivals and "retire" esteemed colleagues. When we asked him what he most likes about his work, Monje hesitated. His day-to-day life is so dynamic it's difficult to choose. For him we're more than mere manufacturers of CNC lathes. Everything immaterial which surrounds the machine is an added value of incalculable proportions depending on the customer. The range of services our after-sales department offers our users is very highly regarded among buyers of our CNC machines. It's enough to take a look at the customer reviews of CMZ to see this. The quality and proximity of the service have been determining factors when choosing CMZ.

Preventative maintenance

There's a popular saying which says that prevention is better than cure and this is our helpdesk's motto. From the start they try to educate the customer about the need to perform proper corrective maintenance to extend the lathe's useful life. Our machines are designed to function at full performance for more than 20 years. Aitor and the rest of his colleagues in his department believe that maintenance contracts are a very interesting option to preserve the machine in optimal conditions and maximise its productivity.

The most beautiful thing

"The ability to influence the way the machine works for the customers is the most beautiful thing," states Aitor emphatically. It's not always easy, but it's always motivating. They're small challenges which always end up being resolved, with the confidence and judgement that so many years' experience bring. Often it's a question of perspective. One of the main skills any service engineer must have is precisely this capacity to know how to analyse a problem from all possible angles. During his career he has faced different situations and it's not always the one which beforehand seems the simplest which has the quickest solution.

His ability to react, his people skills, his willingness to help always, professionalism and knowing how to be the perfect link between the machine and the user make Aitor an essential cog at CMZ, without whom nothing would be the same.