#wearecmz: Alain


Today it is the turn of Alain, one of our most valued Electronic Setup Technician. For us, it truly is a gift to be able to rely on motivated people, who make the project their own and believe in the company. We are proud to hear that as well as opportunities and training, CMZ gives its employees better values. At the end of the day, we are not just manufacturers of CNC lathes.

The opportunity

Life is about challenges, overcoming obstacles and looking out for the opportunities it sometimes gives us. Alain's story is one of a young person who, due to personal circumstances, needed to combine work and study. In other words, he wanted to join the work force as soon as possible without having to give up his studies, and carry on learning.

Committed to DUAL training

For those who want to acquire practical knowledge, as well as those who want to work and study, DUAL training is the solution. CMZ is committed to providing professional training for young people. Aware of the need to promote the trades and respond to the growing demand for professional profiles in various branches of fields such as mechanics, electronics and manufacturing, we firmly believe that the DUAL programme is beneficial to both parties. The student has the opportunity to begin their professional career in leading companies in the sector, whilst broadening their knowledge in the classroom. Through the DUAL training programme, companies can find highly qualified profiles that are becoming ever harder to find on the job market. Furthermore, the people are qualified, eager and motivated, which brings value to the company.

He who sows, reaps

We have been delighted to hear about Alain's experience first hand. When he looks back and remembers the beginning, he admits that it wasn't easy to juggle work and study. The level demanded from both is high and requires you to give 100% at all times. However, he who sows, reaps, and the best prize, in an ever more turbulent job market, is a permanent employment position in a leading company. They say that when you join the world of work is when you really start learning. While that's true, having some solid and in-depth knowledge gives you greater capability and some grounding, which without a doubt makes a difference. It is an intangible factor that can be seen in each of the parts that make up our CNC lathes.

Versatility and dynamism

Another of the factors that is most valued by our employees is the dynamism of the job. People who join CMZ have the opportunity to go through the whole process of the lathe, from start to finish. This ensures that they acquire broader knowledge and have an overall view of the product they are producing: a powerful, robust and reliable CNC lathe. It is a dynamic and different job that requires a large amount of adaptability and eagerness to learn.

Values and teamwork

CNC lathes, turrets, electrical enclosures, spindles.... it seems that the industrial world is a dehumanised environment where it is difficult to find anything beyond professional and technical knowledge. However, as Alain points out, at CMZ he has learnt to work in a team. He learns from colleagues every day, which is very enriching.

He also believes that CMZ has given him a great opportunity and that it has allowed him to come out with better values. We will remain committed to society and to all the people who, every day, make CMZ possible.