#wearecmz: Koldo


Koldo is there, to paraphrase the famous slogan, when it absolutely positively has to be right. He is one of our technical support service engineers. His role involves visiting clients' premises between Mondays and Fridays, providing training on how to use our CNC lathes, resolving any incidents, making repairs and providing support at all types of events. Would you like to know more about our post-sales engineers' routines? Koldo shares with us.

Passionate about what you do

When we say that Koldo absolutely positively provides the right support, it is more than just a pithy phrase to use in a post. Whether he has attended a trade fair, liaised with a supplier or visited a client, we inevitably receive a mail or phone call afterwards, praising his good work and his expertise. For us it is very important that our technical support engineers have precise specialisms and in-depth, proven experience. However, dare we say, that is not the most important element. Empathy and the human touch are crucial. Koldo has them in abundance.

Our engineers are professionals who, on a daily basis, face very different situations. One week you could be training a client who has just bought a lathe, the next going to repair an incident. Their work is not always easy; it involves long periods away from home, requires lots of patience, and the ability to cope with the changes and developments that this dynamic role demands.

Our colleague gets it. Doing things with pride and passion is key. Koldo loves his job. Thanks to this, he has explored most of our country and has a wealth of memories of all the clients he has worked with.

The human touch

Koldo highlights the importance of working in a team and the support this provides when they are out and about. It means they are able to provide a service as quickly as possible. He also recognises that by working with well-made machines and having in-depth training, they are able to face any situation, no matter how challenging. These factors provide job security, Koldo believes.

For him, CMZ means companionship. That is why he would recommend any candidate for a role like his that they just go for it... if you do a good job, with passion, everything else will work out.

It is a pleasure to work with colleagues like Koldo; always smiling, always willing and always friendly... Thank you for sharing your experience and telling us a little more about working in your department!