Renny Thomas

#wearecmz: Renny


A meeting room, a production plant receiving our numerical control lathes, a handshake signalling the start of something big… these actions, that until recently were considered routine, are now those that our sales network misses most. Now, we all realise how much we value them. They'll be back, of course, because nothing is forever, and everything comes to pass. Renny Thomas is one of our commercial agents in the United Kingdom and, like everyone, he's itching to get back to full speed. In compliance with the law and the rules of social distancing, we're opening the door to our house so that you can come in and find out how it feels for CMZ to approach those who want to get the best CNC lathe brands in the UK.

CNC lathes in the UK

Renny has been working with CMZ for eight years. During this time, he has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients. The Anglo-Saxon market is not simple. Our sales team's greatest obstacle is competing with brands that are already well consolidated, and that are widely known in the United Kingdom.

They always come back for more

Renny highlights that clients who purchase CMZ brand CNC lathes in the UK are those ready to go one step further and not get carried away by the reputation of the best known firms. Just as he tells us in the video, and talking about his characteristic empathy, he knows exactly how clients think. Those that are seeking high performance lathes and who are ready to discover everything our machines have to offer, are those who always end up coming back to buy our lathes again and again.

The foundation of all relationships, whether personal or commercial, is trust. It's precisely this vendor/client trust that makes the purchase process result in satisfaction. For Renny and for all the salespeople anxious to take CMZ to the top, this loyalty is without doubt the best reward.

And now what?

Until Renny and all our colleagues can meet you again, don't forget that they're still there, helping you to find the machine that best responds to your production needs.

Remember that on our machines in stock section, you can check which lathe models are available for immediate delivery in real time, and you can also continue to contact us via the usual channels.

We're #stillturning, making sure things don't stop.

Renny, many thanks for getting in front of the camera and sharing your experience. Listening to you, we know that selling lathes in the UK is, to say the very least, truly gratifying.