A minute with... Applications

A minute with... Applications


They are motivated by finding solutions to different machining challenges, they get 100% involved in customers' production processes and they are in continuous training. Who are we talking about? This time, we are introducing you to our applications department, a team capable of unpicking all sorts of machining puzzles. Find out what it's like to spend a minute with applications!

Applications engineering: the solution to all machining challenges

They are not afraid of major challenges. They are a young team, able to optimise customers' production processes and improve their machining times. When a challenge knocks on the door of our applications engineering department, they are responsible for providing technical support and finding solutions to customers' needs. They face the most demanding challenges on a daily basis, they can always find a way to reduce cycle times. They manage time studies better than anybody and are used to working closely with our customers.

Their broad expertise and their involvement in each project means they contribute added value to the sale of the machine. Thanks to the team's capacity to adapt to different market demands, they provide the solution that best fits production needs in each case. Nowadays, customers put their faith in applications for CNC lathes aware that they are acquiring something more than just the machine and our applications engineers are an active part in this development in the industry.

A team in continuous training

Our applications engineering department provides support for a variety of industrial sectors. Defence, automotive, renewable energies... The opportunity to get 100% involved in each customer's production processes, which vary so widely, means that every day something new is learnt and the entire team is in continuous training. It's like continuing to study, but from a practical perspective.

The applications team always has important projects on the go, so each member of the team takes on major responsibilities right from the start. The range of learning is continuous, because they face a great many challenges day after day and the number of possible combinations is practically endless.

Are you looking for a challenge?

Nobody can work in isolation, and it's no different this time. Their motto is team work. Mutual support is essential, as it helps all the members of the department to continue to progress in their career. For that reason, although each one heads specific individual projects they are very much used to team dynamics. They make the most of meetings and in-house training to resolve any issues. Thanks to that, they can continue to gain knowledge and build a solid pathway to their future.

At CMZ we have been CNC lathe manufacturers for over 75 years, and during all that time, we have adapted to the constant changes in the market. That has led us to build a team of over 500 people and specialise in each stage of production, making over 80% of the components for our lathes.

If you are looking for a challenge, and you would like to continue learning through practice, our applications department offers countless opportunities. They are part of major projects that contribute added value for the customer and the end result is always more than satisfactory. Being able to work closely with a professional, dynamic team who support each other in such an international, friendly atmosphere is a real privilege.