A minute with...

A minute with...

  • 13/12/2023

    A minute with… Assembly

    Perhaps calling them “creators” would be too much of an exaggeration, but the fact is that they are the ones who, by joining up the parts, create a CMZ lathe from nothing. In this last chapter of “A [...]

  • 02/11/2023

    A minute with… Technical Assistance

    Now that December is almost here we can describe our technical assistance team as being like the presents you get at Christmas: everyone looks forward to it. They are the visible face for our customers [...]

  • 13/10/2023

    A minute with... Production Engineering

    Undoubtedly, this is a department where self-confidence is the key to successfully overcome any challenge presented to them. On this occasion, we would like to introduce you to some of the members of the [...]

  • 19/09/2023

    A minute with... Machining Department

    Some people really enjoy a challenge. In our case, everyone in CMZ’s machining department gets an adrenaline rush from complex challenges 😉. In this third edition of “A minute with. . . ”, we introduce [...]

  • 05/07/2023

    A minute with... Applications

    They are motivated by finding solutions to different machining challenges, they get 100% involved in customers’ production processes and they are in continuous training.   Who are we talking about? This [...]

  • 23/06/2023

    A minute with… IT

    You will ask yourself. . . What is an IT department with almost 20 people doing in a company like CMZ? That was undoubtedly one of the questions that arose in the minds of our IT colleagues when they were [...]

  • 15/06/2023

    We launch "A minute with..."

    It’s not the red carpet, but we can say loud and clear that this is a first for us. Get comfy, because we want to show you our new series “A minute with. . . ” in which, month by month, we will bring [...]

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