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A minute with… Assembly


Perhaps calling them "creators" would be too much of an exaggeration, but the fact is that they are the ones who, by joining up the parts, create a CMZ lathe from nothing. In this last chapter of "A minute with..." we present our assembly department, a very important link in the chain because without it, a machine would not be a machine. Find out what it's like to spend a minute with them!

Piece by piece, like a huge jigsaw

That's how the members of our assembly department build our CNC lathes: with great care and attention to detail. Their role is clear, and they are an essential link in the chain. At CMZ, we deliver over 600 machines a year, which means that each and every one of them, at some stage or other, has passed through the hands of our assembly colleagues. Quite a responsibility!

It means they can join different stages of the assembly process and acquire a wide range of knowledge about each machine. The chance to rotate through different work stations means that it is not a monotonous job where you stagnate, because you cover a variety of stages. With this approach you get the opportunity to grow and evolve, contributing new ideas and procedures for improvement so that CMZ, this great project, can continue to grow.

Without the assembly process, there is no machine

This is one of our mantras and something we keep very much in mind. We know how important it is to have an assembly department that takes great care over every detail, because the quality of our product depends on it. Without the assembly process, there's no machine and our colleagues are valued highly because of that.

There is a real opportunity to learn and grow, because they get involved in different stages of the process which means they can keep evolving. The tolerances we work with are very tight, and that requires a very thorough assembly team which pays attention to every detail. In this way, we ensure precision in all our machines. 

In addition, because we manufacture 80% of the components for our machines, we deal with both the mechanical and the electronics stages. We are committed to a European product, manufactured with care and attention to detail and to do that, we have put together a highly qualified local team. There is no better demonstration of that than the quality of our lathes 😉

The end of a chapter

We know that goodbyes are hard and this wasn't going to be any different. With this last chapter, we say farewell to the collection "A minute with...", a series which has accompanied us over the last six months and has helped to provide you with a deeper understanding of the departments in CMZ.

Yes, it's true, we are a company with over 500 employees and 6 subsidiaries around Europe. But in essence we are the same as we were 75 years ago when this project began: a family business with a strong customer focus. It has been an exciting journey: IT, applications, production engineering, SAT... Without these departments, this wheel would stop turning. Thank you for coming with us on the journey and continuing to find out about CMZ.

We keep on #turningtheworld!