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A minute with… IT


You will ask yourself... What is an IT department with almost 20 people doing in a company like CMZ? That was undoubtedly one of the questions that arose in the minds of our IT colleagues when they were going through the recruitment process. In this first chapter of "A minute with..." we will answer that great question and many others. Take a seat and get comfortable. With you now... our IT department, a team able to tackle the most demanding technological challenges.

IT, a team that doesn't stop growing

Who knows, perhaps when you read this post the number of people on the team may have tripled 😉 We're talking about a department that has grown exponentially in recent years, and they are the ones paving the way for our small technological revolution.

CMZ's philosophy is based on own manufacture. We consider that by being autonomous at production level we minimise our dependency on external suppliers and we also acquire extensive understanding and control of the manufacturing process for our product. For that reason, we have 8 production plants including plants for assembly, machining, and sheet metal... All our facilities are equipped with impressive innovations and designed to take production to the highest level. This way of understanding the business has been rooted in CMZ's DNA for decades and applies to all its departments. Our IT department is a vivid illustration of that.

We always like a challenge. Developing your own bespoke software, certainly has its difficulties, but experience has strengthened our belief that for CMZ it is the best and only way to have effective, scalable tools. At a professional level this is attractive for technical profiles like those of our IT colleagues who mostly come from the other side, the world of consultancy firms where they carry out different projects for companies that need to outsource them.

The importance of lavishing attention on the product from inside

ERP, E-Commerce, our own machine configurator... Our IT team tackles a variety of work and as you can see each one is totally different. And that's all we can say for the moment, as there are very interesting projects in the pipeline soon to be released.

They always have something on the go. That means they are constantly training and familiar with the latest development techniques and tools. In addition, with such a broad team of people, mutual support is essential for the moments when you feel you are going round in circles.

Our IT team dispels all the myths and disrupts the memebase of jokes about computer technicians. A group of committed, fun and very competent people who did not hesitate for one minute about going in front of the camera and telling us about what they do.

Don't miss the opportunity, find out what it's like to spend a minute with IT!