A minute with... Machining Department


Some people really enjoy a challenge. In our case, everyone in CMZ's machining department gets an adrenaline rush from complex challenges 😉. In this third edition of "A minute with...", we introduce you to a multitasking team which deals with most of the components for our lathes. Find out what it's like to spend a minute with the machining team!

A profession with a great future

As manufacturers of CNC lathes, we make sure that our machines are always at the latest technological level. This approach is firmly etched into each of our production processes. But, to combine all the small parts in this enormous puzzle, painstaking attention must be paid to the details. Our machining team fulfils all these requirements and many more.

The team is, and always will be a hugely important link in the production chain for the machine tool industry. There are currently infinite training opportunities for this type of work and a high employment rate. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but if you are curious, you pay attention to detail and your friends consider you to be the handyman of the group, at CMZ we have room for you 😉

Great power brings great responsibility

The team deals with almost 80% of the parts in our lathes. That might sound intimidating, but we cannot imagine a better team for this task. The meticulous way they work each component results in powerful, reliable machines with a useful life of over 20 years. What more can we ask?

Furthermore, precision is key and that is something that is very much considered in each job they do. This is an enormous challenge, as they must "rack their brains" to produce a highly complex precision part, and that eradicates the monotony of routine. A machine is made up of thousands of parts and the opportunity to work with a different one each day opens a world of possibilities.

Evolution and stability: two very important factors

As machine tool manufacturers for over 75 years, we can proudly say that we have consolidated our presence in a variety of markets worldwide. Manufacturing over 600 lathes a year provides our machinists with in-depth knowledge of the different components in the machine. That is because we manufacture more than 80% of the parts for our lathes at our own facilities, which means that most of them go through this department. For that reason, the machinists do not work on the same part all the time so we can create a multidisciplinary team that pushes forward.

We like proactive, curious people, who aren't afraid of getting their head around the different stages of the process. Our machining team actively collaborates in the different stages of producing a technologically complex machine. The vast number of projects we tackle require very different profiles and for that reason we are committed to people's professional development within the company. "To stagnate" isn't part of our vocabulary, as we have demonstrated numerous times and we want the same for the 500 plus people who work for CMZ.