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Process automation is crucial to increase productivity.

Process automation is crucial to increase productivity. Using bars as stock material is very common in turning world and although the use of barfeeders is extended, the automation gets more complicated when the parts are long because extraction systems are quite costly.

CMZ has pneumatic parts catcher for parts up to 220mm long. In order to offer a solution to unload longer parts CMZ has developed a bar unloader system that can be mounted in machines with subspindle and rear exit chip conveyor, except the TTS where it can be mounted with side exit converyor.

Below is summary of the models where this accessory can be mounted.

  • Series TA : machine bed 640 and rear exit chip conveyor.
  • Series TD: machine bed 800 and rear exit chip conveyor.
  • Series TTL: models with rear exit chip conveyor.
  • Series TTS: all models.

The bar unloader system consists of a static tube that is introduced into the drawtube of the subspindle. During transfer operation the parts are pushed into the tube until they fall into an inclined table. The parts are accumulated in the table until a detector gives the signal that the table is full and the machine stops producing.

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