Gantry Used as Part Catcher

Gantry Used as Part Catcher

Our latest TTL series of multi-turret machines can be equipped with an integrated gantry loader. Unloading the finished part from the sub-spindle using the gantry loader not only allows both turrets to continue working on the main spindle leading to a significant reduction in cycle time, but each completed component can be individually stacked to avoid contact and potential damage to the completed part.

This system is not limited to billets, CMZ manufacture gripper heads and workstockers both for billets and shafts. The combination of a barfeeder and Gantry Loader can be a very effective way to manage larger quantities of finished components.

In this video, we show the process of a finished component made from bar, unloaded from the sub-spindle using the gantry loader while both turrets continue working on the main spindle. The finished part is deposited onto a parts collection table (optional).

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