SPRILUR is 25 years old and SEUNER joins the celebration

SPRILUR is 25 years old and SEUNER joins the celebration


SPRILUR has recently celebrated 25 years of history. In that time it has promoted and provided Basque companies with access to developed industrial land, industrial buildings and offices. We are joining the celebration, since SEUNER, our second CNC lathe assembly plant, took part in its assistance programmes.

What is SPRILUR?

This division of SPRI, the Society for Industrial Reconversion, focuses its efforts on providing companies in the Basque Country with access to industrial buildings, offices and developed industrial land to develop their economic activities in the region. They provide infrastructure solutions and belong to the Basque Government Department for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment.

The figures are astounding. During its 25 years of history it has managed over 10 million square metres of floor space in 122 industrial zones, which host 2,163 companies employing over 27,000 people.

SPRILUR 25 years commemorative video

Thanks to the collaboration of Mariano Camacho, our Manufacturing Director, we have taken part in this commemorative video which, through testimonies, recounts the journey and the work carried out by SPRILUR. In his interview, Mariano highlights how easy it is for industrial companies like ours to take part in this type of initiative. The help provided by SPRILUR is directly linked to the growth of our group and the increase in our production capacity.

SEUNER began its activity in 2015. With the production line in our no. 1 assembly plant in Zaldibar at full capacity, CMZ decided to expand its manufacturing capacity by setting up a second long bed lathe assembly plant. The help provided by this organisation was crucial. It is thanks to their help that the materialisation of the project and the speed of the decision-making happened on their own. 6 years later, SEUNER is working at full capacity and holds the ON Bizkaia Award for Best Spin-Off Development.

We would hereby like to give our sincerest congratulations to SPRILUR for the achievement, and raise a toast to many more years of sustainable growth and support for business.