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The family is growing: we are expanding our range of multi-turret machines


Anyone looking for maximum optimisation of their processes, with machines designed for simultaneous machining, is in luck. At CMZ, the family of products is growing. Our TX machines with 2 and 3 towers are going to be joined by the new TTL, a turning centre designed for high production and precision. And best of all, at the moment we have some excellent deals on both series.

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The TX Series has 2 and 3 turret machines. These lathes are manufactured to guarantee a high level of productivity without sacrificing the precision that CMZ's lathes are known for. In addition, all of the turrets have a Y axis. They have a servo-type parts catcher to extract the parts from both headstocks.

A star is born

CMZ has chosen to increase its manufacturing capacity in order to be able to meet the existing demand. As part of this process, a star has been born: the TTL: Series. Remember its name: TTL, in the next few months you're sure to hear about it.

The TTL Series is here to stay. This machine is unmissable. One of its main competitive advantages compared to other manufacturers is that, whilst competitors' machines have belts, either in the headstocks and/or the X and Y axes, the TTL does not have a belt. On top of that, its technical specifications speak for themselves:

  • Sub-headstock with X3 and Z3 This means that apart from moving horizontally, the headstock also moves vertically.
  • As well as having two turrets, the movement of the sub-headstock allows for simultaneous machining with three channels.
  • Possibility of mounting a centre on the upper part of the sub-headstock for producing long pieces.
  • Integrated motor for the motorised tool. 14kW, 42Nm, 12000 rpm.
  • High power and high torque integrated headstocks.
  • Integrated motors in the spindles of the X and Y axis.
  • Motor housing cooled with oil.
  • Bed inclined at 60° to improve ergonomics and extraction of shavings.

These machines are suitable for many types of industries and processes, but, without a doubt, precision turning is the area where all of their features shine. The manufacturing of screws, bolts, shafts, and bar turning in general, are its strong points.

The TTL series is not limited to bar turning, since there is the possibility of equipping the lathe with a gantry system and automated parts storage, like the TA and TD series.

Immediate delivery: last units

Recently, CMZ has increased its manufacturing capacity. This has allowed us, for the first time in our history, to have machines in stock ready for immediate delivery. The initiative could not have gone down better, and we have been inundated with requests from interested customers. This has meant that our available stock has decreased drastically, and very quickly. But there's no need to panic. We have the TX Y2 available for immediate delivery at unbeatable prices. Because demand is so high, machines will be assigned on a strict first come first served basis.

Special promotion for the TTL launch

However, customers interested in multi-turret CMZ machines will not miss out on the opportunity to acquire a top-range lathe at special prices. The launch of the TTL comes with a surprise, which is that the first units sold will come with discounts and special promotions. We will study the needs of each customer, to assess the best option and machine configuration for them, and we will apply the promotional price set for the launch. This is a historic opportunity to acquire a turning centre at a very competitive price.

However, the launch promotion will only be valid for a limited period, and only the quickest to place their order will be able to benefit from it.

Effort and a great team

At CMZ the human factor is key. We strive to provide excellent training and care for each person in the chain, from the assembly operatives through to the design engineers who come up with the ideas for the machines we manufacture. The TTL is the result of years of working with a professional team focused on putting painstaking care into each and every detail of the machines we produce. We are very prudent when launching new products. We detect needs, analyse demand, study the pros and cons, and then we dedicate resources and efforts to designing the prototype and ensuring it works optimally.

We are especially proud of the TTL model of lathe. We have tried to reinvent ourselves, and build a machine that is comprehensive, powerful, reliable, and designed for high production and precision turning.

The family is growing

With the TTL bursting onto the scene, CMZ consolidates its presence on the market as a European manufacturer of multi-turret CNC lathes. With the TTL, the TX series has found its ideal complement. Thus, the family of machines for simultaneous machining with several turrets is growing.

Now we can say that we can meet the needs of any company or workshop that needs CNC lathes. The TA Series has 3 models of different sizes to satisfy customers' requirements. The TD Series Z800-Z1350, high precision CNC lathe, has machines with a motorised tool of 12,000 rpm / 105Nm / 13kW. In the TD Series Z2200-Z3200 we have long bed CNC lathes for machining large parts; this machine is favoured by companies in the oil & gas sector, the aerospace industry, and renewable energies, among others. Finally, the range of multi-turret lathes is complete with the TTL Series. Along with the TX machines, they offer a wide range of possibilities for simultaneous machining.

Furthermore, we currently have deals on the TX and TTL Series that will be difficult for us to guarantee in the future. If you are thinking of acquiring a lathe for simultaneous machining, now is the time.