We launch "A minute with..."


It's not the red carpet, but we can say loud and clear that this is a first for us. Get comfy, because we want to show you our new series "A minute with..." in which, month by month, we will bring you the various departments which make up CMZ. To whet your appetite, here is a little preview...

Lights, camera and... action!

During the days of recording we have got to know, from the inside, the different departments in CMZ. In this series of videos, we invite you to spend a minute with all of them, as they show us how they work, their main duties and motivations... along with one or two confessions😉

IT, assembly, applications, production engineering, machining... Different profiles, without which we wouldn't be able to manufacture our CNC lathes. The technical elements are essential for the machine to operate but it's the people who make our wheels keep turning.

Including talent, a key element

We are increasingly clear that the inclusion of talent adds value and is essential for our company's growth. Over our 75 years of history, staff numbers have continued to grow and we have managed to put together an extremely competent team which drives the company.

The advancement of new technologies and the demands of an increasingly competitive and specialised market have led us to create departments that did not exist before and which now execute key projects for the company's strategic plan. The highly qualified profiles in the different areas of CMZ enrich both the team and the results we deliver year on year. The interaction between different types of professionals is constant and contributes immeasurable value to the manufacturing process and sales of our product.

There are no large or small departments or second-class positions; all the people in our company are the gears that operate the machine.

There are already more than 500 of us at CMZ; and with determination and commitment we are moving this project forward. That is why we want you to find out a bit more about us from inside, but this time, from a more human perspective. A way of valuing the great work from our team.

Ok, it's not a spin-off from "Money Heist" but we hope you will watch it with the same enjoyment and affection that went into preparing it. So, now you know... Don´t miss your monthly date with our series "A minute with...".

Coming to your screens shortly 😉